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ActiveHybrid 3, 5 & 7, M3, M5, M6,
X6M, X1, X3 & X5, 3 Series, 4 Series,
5 Series & 6 Series 


Our People

Our employees look up to and respect each other and understand that we all play an important part in serving our clients. Each of us contributes to a car-buying experience that is different from any other. It is based on family values, which apply to our daily conduct and every encounter at our store.

Our Customers

Why shouldn't you enjoy your visit to a car dealer? You are about to embark on an adventure with a shiny new auto, reflecting your personality, with the colour and features you selected. At the dealer, there should be no pressure. Take your time and leave with exactly what you need, proud of your purchase and happy with the quality of your experience. We are very proud of our integrity.


Trust is the most important element of our success. This can be summed up in the phrase "like you, trust you." We are very proud of our integrity in an industry in which this can sometimes be missing. What we say is what we mean, especially concerning vehicle pricing. Full disclosure is just the starting point. When we tell you something about a car purchase, the story does not change in the interest of making a sale.

About Us

Frank Serpa, dealer principal of the Serpa Automotive Group, is now celebrating 18 months operating his Newmarket/Aurora dealerships Serpa BMW and Serpa BMW Motorrad. Reflecting on the success he’s achieved in transforming the BMW retailer after acquiring Open Road BMW in April 2012, he commented, “I am truly enjoying the BMW world.....
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